Employment Services

Civitan Foundation is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive, person-centered employment services in the state! We assist in maximizing and matching our members’ abilities, interests, and career goals to create sustainable pathways to employment. In partnership with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), local school districts, and community employers, Civitan’s menu of employment services include:

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS-VR)

Civitan’s Pre-ETS training to in-school youth (ages 14-22) offers vocational curriculum centered around self-advocacy, post-secondary school counseling, job exploration, workplace readiness, and work-based experiences. Our Pre-ETS instruction is offered as part of our summer program series and is also available year-round to youth with disabilities wanting to learn more about employment options available to them.

  • Group Supported Employment (GSE-DDD)

Our GSE services offer task specific work opportunities in many industry sectors both in the community and at the Civitan Village. Daily on-going support is provided in all of our enclaves, allowing for members to gain a deeper learning experience while earning a paycheck! Examples of our GSE opportunities include:

  • Flerish - Customer Service and Retail
  • Civitan Cook-er-y - Food preparation, Culinary Arts, Catering, etc.
  • The Civitan Café - Customer and Food Service
  • Civitan Fine Arts Group
  • House Cleaning/Yard Maintenance
  • Janitorial/Custodial
  • Delivery routes and scheduling with local Valley newspaper companies
  • Opportunities are continually added!
    • Individual Supported Employment (ISE-DDD)

    ISE services are available to people who are working independently in the community that need a little extra assistance to maintain success. Upon request and at scheduled times, Civitan job coaches can visit members at their work sites to ‘check in’ and offer support when needed.

    • Job Development and Retention (JDR)

    Through JDR Civitan assists members in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in integrated work environments consistent with the member's selected vocational goals, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice. Includes:

  • Job Preparation Services
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Job Retention Services

    • Career Planning Services (Civitan-Developed Program)

    Because Civitan believes career planning to be the crucial component for employment success, we engage our members in identifying career interests and focusing on job-related strengths. This, coupled with our individualized assessments, offer foundational information which can be maximized when marketing abilities to businesses who value the contributions of a diverse workforce.

    EMPLOYERS - Partnership Opportunities Available:

    Civitan is continuously seeking employer partnerships! If you are a business in need of hard- working employees that are qualified and reliable, contact us today. We are proud to have a history of successfully working with community businesses in supplying talented individuals to help meet bottom line goals. Join our long list of satisfied business customers!

    TRANSITION SPECIALISTS - Partnership Opportunities Available:

    Community and School-Based Transition Specialists – We are your Pre-ETS connection! Contact us today as we help families/students enroll and participate in VR’s Pre-ETS and career education programs. We are here as a community resource and would love to connect with you!

    Offering a flexible blend of services, strategies and supports, Civitan helps you to create your pathway to employment! For inquiries about Employment Services, partnership opportunities, or to schedule a tour, please contact: 602-953-2944 or EmploymentServices@campcivitan.org

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